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Ramsey Hislop completed his professional training at Institute Kine-Concept located in Montreal, Québec. Ramsey Hislop received training in Masso-kinesitherapy, Kinetic Swedish Massage, Chair Massage and Clinical Mobilization and holds the designation of Certified Massage Therapist since 2005. Ramsey believes in working “with” clients as opposed to “on” them. His preferred treatment technique is non oil deep tissue massage. Ramsey Hislop is a Professional Member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes (F.Q.M).



Ramsey believes in working “with” clients as opposed to “on” them. His preferred treatment technique is non-oil deep tissue massage. He promotes proper posture and breathing techniques which play a major role in the wellbeing of his clients.


Specialities: Swedish Massage and Kinesitherapy


Swedish massage is a blend of both firm and soft touch. It focuses mainly on the muscular system, working with the muscles, joints, skin and nervous system. Often associated with physical fitness training, Swedish massage benefits overall health and leaves the body relaxed and rested.

Kinesitherapy is a therapy by means of massage and movement. Swedish massage forms the basis of this body massage technique. Through its effects on the body system, kinesitherapy relaxes or tones the muscles and depending on the techniques used, activates circulation. Well executed movements are the indispensable tools of the therapist. Posture plays a major role in a client’s wellbeing.




Do I need a doctor’s referral? Will insurance cover me?
There is no referral requirement to see a Registered Massage Therapist. Extended health care plans and insurers may require a referral before covering services. Check with your policy to see if you need one to be reimbursed for the massage.

Ramsey Hislop is a member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes (F.Q.M).

Do I have to disclose all of my health conditions on the Health History form for my Massage Therapist?
It is best to provide an accurate picture of your health, medications and injuries on the health history form.This enables your therapist to design the most appropriate and effective treatment for you.

Will the massage oils used make me break-out?
Most massage therapists use hypoallergenic massage oils and lotions. However, if you have sensitivity to certain types of oils or lotions, please bring it to the massage therapist’s attention as most practitioners have an assortment of oils and lotions on hand.



Massage fees

Massage 30 minutes 45.00$
Massage 60 minutes 75.00$
Massage 90 minutes 105.00$


Schedule :

In Hudson
Tuesday: 12 h to 20 h
Wednesday: 15 h to 20 h

by appointment only
Monday and Saturday: 9 h to 20 h


e-mail: [email protected]