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Cam3-767x1024UQTR graduate in 2000 and owner of the Hudson Chiropractic Center since July 2004, Dr. Martin, chiropractor, is a Primary Care Wellness Provider focusing on Therapeutic Lifestyle, Chiropractic care and other health-based approaches to reduce and prevent chronic acquired and preventable diseases and dysfunctions. Dr. Martin, chiropractor, personalizes her care to the specific and unique needs of each patient. Her safe and gentle approach offers support and tools to optimize results and attain the patient’s health goals.



laurenc150Caroline Laurin graduated in acupuncture in May 2016 and followed a classical Chinese medicine internship in China, in June 2016. She has great listening skills, is caring and customizes each treatment to obtain maximum results according to the patient’s goals. Caroline offers traditional acupuncture as well as Shonishin Japanese pediatric acupuncture without needles for children. She works, as needed, with cupping, electrical stimulation, moxibustion or herbs to reach optimal health.




Sui1-1-768x1024Andrea Mühlebach completed her training in reflexology with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) in 2009 and specialized in cranio-sacral reflexology with the Cranial Sacral Reflexology International Academy of Excellence (2012), of which she is a member. She also practices Thai reflexology. She is professional member of RAC and the Association des Naturothérapeutes du Québec (ANQ). By applying pressure on reflex points in the hands and feet, Andrea wants to help her clients reestablish their natural equilibrium (homeostasis), by releasing tension, inducing deep relaxation and improving circulation.



Massage Therapy

Mas2-768x1024Ramsey Hislop completed his professional training at Institute Kiné-Concept in 2005. Ramsey received training in Masso-kinesitherapy , Kinetic Swedish Massage and Chair Massage and has held the designation of Certified Massage Therapist for over 6 years. Ramsey is a Professional Member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes (F.Q.M). Ramsey encourages proper posture and breathing techniques. Ramsey believes in working ‘’with’’ clients as opposed to ‘’on’’ them. His preferred treatment technique is non oil deep tissue massage.



Michelle LeCavalier



Having joined the team at the Hudson Chiropractic Centre in February 2012, I enjoy working in this professional and friendly environment.  It is always a pleasure to greet our clientele.  Administration duties have no secrets for me and I greatly enjoy organizing our annual Health and Help Day.  Communication is a key factor for a job well done and we give our complete attention to each of our cases. To improve and maintain our health is our key to happiness!


Joanna McDonald


Althought I’ve just recently joined the team at the Hudson Chiropractic Centre in October 2017, with a passion for natural health and well being, I certainly feel right at home!   It is always a pleasure to work in the wellness field and see many people achieve optimal wellness.  I look forward to meeting you all soon!