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New faces at the Centre



Please join us in welcoming Janet Ross, registered Massage Therapist, and Amanda Luterman, Psychotherapist to the Hudson Chiropractic Centre.


You have surely already crossed paths with Janet who has had her studio at the Centre since November.  She is a graduate of the Kiné Concept Institute of Montreal and is a well-known face here in Hudson.  Her treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual, with a goal of relieving pain and improving quality of life.  Do not hesitate to book with Janet



Amanda Luterman, MA MEd, is now consulting at the clinic as she pursues her mission to provide sex-positive psychotherapy for all individuals, relationships, and families.  By focusing on connection rather than dysfunction, her Erotic-Empathy approach promotes well-being through both education and psychotherapeutic evidence-based intervention.  Visit her website for more information